In the flow and finding your genius

Do you ever have those moments of being in the flow? Everyone should look into those moments and follow them to see where they'll lead.

In the flow and finding your genius

There have been a couple of realisations where I've caught myself totally immersed and in the flow lately. The first was researching and finally discovering the true nature of having a life system that creates ultimate productivity with minimum ease which is, what I think of as the powerhouse behind the whole system. Anyone can take good notes with keywords that are searchable and all in one place, but the powerhouse is distilling and processing those notes along with knowledge you already have into a knowledge base. The knowledge base itself can be further distilled and processed due to new knowledge, thoughts or experiences. This discovery, along with researching more of the abilities of Notion, has lead to my further total immersion in recreating my HUB into a 2.0 version developing it well into the night.

This week I also discovered I would really like to produce more audio and video content especially podcasting. I find I am 'in the flow' when producing audio content and I have moments when time just slips away and I wonder why it's getting dark. Do you ever have those moments? What were you doing at the time? Everyone should look into those moments and follow them to see where they'll lead and that's exactly what I'll be doing in the near future.

Finding your Genius

Finding your genius - Belinda Allan

When you find yourself in the flow it is usually a part of your genius. There will be more to your genius than just this small thinking experiment but finding some of your genius is always a step in the right direction. For this thought experiment, take business and money making totally out of the equation, think only about you and your interests.

Write some notes about these questions for yourself:

  • What are five things that you just love to do and could spend hours doing them?
  • After you have five things, ask yourself, "Why do I know that I'm good at this?" and write some notes.
  • Have a look at the list of five things, which two have you totally lost track of time when doing or creating something for it?
  • Are these the same two where, if you could do nothing else with your day except these two, you would still be super excited to start your day and get cracking on them?

There are two things that are within your genius!

My favourite things this week

  1. Daily journaling. I haven't always been strict about this but I do try to catch up with my daily journaling. Gratitude, collecting stories, celebrating wins and reflection every single day is very important for this strange era that we are living through. Remember to check out my daily journaling system to be able to journal morning and night on your phone, tablet or computer.
  2. Discovering the Zettelkasten method of basically creating a second brain or life system that allowed Niklas Luhmann to create over 50 books and 600 articles in his working life of around 30 years. That's a creative productive ability that I would love to get to!
  3. The discovery of 1000 true fans and the ideas behind it, but I really liked discovering the critique which talks about 100 superfans. This 100 superfans resonates more for an online teaching business, however, there is still some value to having 1000 true fans that get premium content. A combination of a fan base, 1000 true fans and 100 superfans would be the ideal place for an online teaching style of business where everyone is happy with their level of involvement.

Quote for the week

The quality of your next day is determined at the end of your previous day, but that's also when you're willpower and energy are at the lowest. So, how do you set yourself up for the highest chance of success in the evening? — Nat Eliason

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